CassetteBoy joins Privacy International to raise IP Bill awareness

News by Roi Perez

The video-splicers at Cassette Boy have released a video of UK Home Secretary Theresa May and PM David Cameron talking about the upcoming Investigatory Powers Bill (IP Bill).

Police and intelligence agencies will have the power to access web-browsing records and force internet companies to hold internet usage data for up to 12 months if the bill passes.

Commissioned in response to May's attempt to push through an expansion of surveillance powers through the Investigatory Powers bill, the video's YouTube description urges people to head over to Privacy International's website to “join the campaign against new Government snooping powers.”

The video/comedy duo a took to their Facebook page to encourage their fans to head to the Privacy International website, where an email is automatically generated ready to send to the user's home broadband provider, which asks them to oppose the bill.

The video can be viewed here - 

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