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Catbird 6.0


£842 per socket per year.


One area of difficulty in virtual data centres is compliance monitoring. This is such a big driver that just about every security vendor claims its product or cloud service provides it. The fact is that 'compliance' has become such an over-used hypeword that it almost has no meaning anymore. Until, that is, you come across a product like Catbird 6.0.

Catbird has a high-level view of everything in the virtual enterprise that must be monitored and reported in order to meet regulatory requirements. That perspective is exactly what managers and auditors need to appreciate the status of the system both for good security management and reporting. The knowledge that Catbird 6.0 provides empowers the comprehensive security management of big virtual data centres.

The paradigm used by Catbird is the trust zone. This is an old, tried-and-true security concept and - with its obvious complexity - quite appropriate in the virtual world. Trust zones in Catbird 6.0 operate similarly to organisational units (OUs) in Active Directory. When a new asset is added to the enterprise, it goes into the appropriate trust zone. At that point, appropriate policies are applied. Regulatory requirements are mapped directly to the policies so there is a direct correlation between the regulatory requirements and the actual configuration of the asset.

Specific compliance areas cover the bases well for all regulatory requirements, making this product a solid provider of critical information to managers, auditors and system administrators alike. Oh, and one of the best things about this product? It doesn't just report on policy - it actually enforces it. That makes Catbird 6.0 a sort of one-stop compliance management shop.

Prices are US-based, thus indicative only.

At a glance
Product Catbird 6.0
Company Catbird
Price £842 per socket per year.
What it does Compliance automation.
What we liked Automated and continuous policy enforcement and compliance monitoring; fast understanding for administrators of asset status through innovative visualisations.

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