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Long-standing C&C infrastructure contributes to threat group's success

Palo Alto Networks documented a threat group that's been using Gh0st malware for more than five years with some of the same infrastructure lasting nearly two years.

Turla in the sky with satellites: cyber-espionage group hides C&C server locale

Kaspersky Lab claims to have pinpointed how the Turla cyber-espionage group has been able to hide its command and control servers for the past eight years.

NSA 'probably developing Mask-type malware'

"Logic suggests that the NSA is developing its own cyber weapons. It has its own malware, and its own C&C servers" says Sarb Sembhi, Incoming Thought Analyst.

Concerns rise on new DDoS bot 'Trojan Ferret'

A new distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) bot called 'Trojan Ferret' has been discovered.

Companies warned on dangers of Android...and iPhone too

Massive Android botnet discovered, as APWG chairman warns on dangers of jailbroken iPhones.

APT infrastructure infecting a wide range of sectors detected in India

A large attack infrastructure has been detected as having originated in India.

'Magic' malware detected, with UK firmly in its sights

A new malware sample has been detected that primarily targets users in the UK.

Red October controllers begin shutting down infrastructure

The operators of the Red October espionage campaign have begun shutting down the infrastructure behind it.