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Preventing physical security devices becoming a cyber-security headache

Why GDPR may hold the key to ensuring the cyber-security of CCTV and access control technology.

Attackers can pull data from air-gapped networks' surveillance cameras

Researchers have demonstrated a way for remote attackers to exfiltrate data from and send malicious commands to air-gapped networks, using infrared surveillance cameras.

Sharing IOT malware rife, botnets now child's play as teen arrest shows

A 13 year old hacker caught trying to build up botnet to hack CCTV cameras demonstrates that attacking IoT devices is literally child's play, thanks to widespread sharing of IoTmalware.

Hikvision patches camera flaw that could allow hackers to execute code

Hikvision, a world leader in the production of CCTV surveillance cameras, has been pulled up short by US-CERT which is warning that some models are vulnerable to two authentication bugs.

Researcher reports of vulnerability in Nest cameras that shuts it off

As Nest cameras store all the footage they record in the cloud, it means any time the camera is down it is not recording, allowing just enough time for the home burglar to get in and out.

More IP surveillance cameras found with backdoors built into the code

Firmware patches are being pushed out by Dahua for its CCTV cameras, DVRs and other devices after security researcher shows how easy it is to break into them.

New research shows CCTV cameras still a soft target

A new report, which surveyed of a cross-section of UK social housing providers, found that while almost 60 percent of respondents are aware that their CCTV systems are vulnerable to being hacked, 30 percent don't know how to make their system more secure.

OVH suffers 1.1Tbps DDoS attack

An internet hosting company has been the subject of a distributed denial of service attacks the likes of which the world has never seen

ICYMI: Brexit, SWIFT heists, Office 365 phishing, CCTV botnets and more Brexit

This week's In Case You Missed it looks at Brexit, Cerber Ransomware, CCTV botnets and yet another heist on a SWIFT affiliate

Malware spawns botnet in 25,000 connected CCTV cameras

Tens of thousands of security cameras are the newest recruits to an DDoS botnet, noted for its powerful and unrelenting attacks

CCTV cameras: security gear which doubles as free DDoS kit

Cloud-based video surveillance company Cloudview has published new research showing that, while the majority of CCTV systems may protect an organisation's physical assets, they provide an open door to cyber attackers.

How to hack a DVR to pieces, according to Pen Test Partners

Security cameras aren't as secure as you might think in the most surveilled country in the world, according to Pen Test Partners.