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Server licence: c£2,495; client-access licence: from £4.99 to £12.50 per user

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Strengths: Solid fingerprint scanning and single sign-on capability

Weaknesses: Difficult to manage and expensive

Verdict: An able product that needs a bit of maturity in its management functions

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Ceelox ID eliminates the need for passwords across the enterprise through the use of fingerprint scanners attached to workstations. This product integrates into the environment, replacing password logons for workstations, files, external drives and networks.

We found the tool to be fairly simple to set up and deploy. The installation process is quick and easy, and is comprised of only a few steps. We first installed the server software on our domain controller and the client software for the scanner on our XP workstation. Both processes are guided by easy-to-follow installation wizards.

We began to enrol users, which is also fairly simple, but does require quite a few steps and some administration in Active Directory. We would have liked a more streamlined process.

Other than a few, small glitches with user enrolment, this product performed well throughout our test. Users have to slide their finger down the scan strip for scanning, rather than just placing it on the device, which we found to be a nice extra security feature as a more detailed scan is achieved.

Two PDF manuals are included with the scanner: a guide for administrators and one for users. Both guides outline all of the product features - the only difference is the way in which they are expected to be used.

The administrator guide is designed for product use in a full enterprise deployment, whereas the user guide is more for stand-alone deployment. Both guides feature many screen shots, and step-by-step installation and configuration instructions.

The company offers support in the form of an annual maintenance contract, which includes phone and email technical support. Additional help is available on the website, which offers a forum and various technical product documentation.

With a price starting at about c£2,495 for the server licence, we find this product offers average value for money. While Ceelox ID does have some solid capabilities, management and integration could do with some improvement.

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