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Ceelox Vault 2.1





Ceelox Vault 2.1


£37.50 per user

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Strengths: Easy to configure and use. Strong authentication for removable media. Drag and drop synchronisation is nice

Weaknesses: Not managed through an enterprise console. Limited functionality

Verdict: A niche player that could be integrated into an enterprise suite

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Ceelox Vault is a client software product that uses software-based encryption to create encrypted 'vault' folders on the hard drive. It is primarily designed to work with biometric authentication, but can also be used without it. The product is meant to be installed on client host machines and is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista.

Installation of the Vault software is quick and easy. The footprint was surprisingly small on our Windows XP SP2 test machines. Using a plug-and-play fingerprint scanner makes installation and enrolment of your fingers much easier and Ceelox supports many different types of devices. The official list of devices includes Authentec, Upek, LighTuning Technology and Symwave. These readers can be found on a host of vendor computers from IBM, Dell and others. Ultimately, the software installs, enrols your fingers for authentication and then creates virtual vaults. These vaults are encrypted folders which you can drag and drop files in and out of, so that the encrypted instances are only accessed by you, using strong methods of authentication.

The use of the software was very easy. It features a synchronisation mechanism so that unencrypted and encrypted versions of your files can be changed in one place and synchronised in the other. The software can be used on portable media drives as well, adding an additional layer of security for these devices. The software does not have a centralised enterprise management console, and its feature set is limited to creating the vault folders on a hard disk, coupled with biometric authentication support.

Ceelox provided ample documentation in the form of both a helpfile and a PDF file. Setup and configuration were outlined in an easy-to-understand format. The support website has informative tutorials, FAQs and a customer portal.

The product is priced at £37.50 per user. Support is available, from basic maintenance to customised packages. Annual maintenance for 20 per cent of the licence cost provides 8/5 phone and email support.

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