Cellcrypt Ltd has announced the release of Cellcrypt Mobile v4.0 that provides end-to-end voice encryption.


Voice encryption is offered on Nokia Smartphones and a range of Windows Mobile devices and ensures that you can talk in complete confidence wherever you are on the latest commercially available handsets.


It uses VOIP to deliver secure phone calls, low voice delays (latency), global coverage and international call capability across 3G or GPRS mobile networks and WiFi.


Lauri Monroy, product manager at Cellcrypt, said: “It is common for organisations and individuals to protect their valuable computer data using encryption technologies; but by and large sensitive voice conversations are only lightly protected and vulnerable to eavesdropping.


“Use of Cellcrypt Mobile provides the confidence that phone calls, whether in the mobile or office environment, at home or overseas, within or between departments and with partners, suppliers and friends, are all protected end-to-end.”