Celo two-factor authentication enhanced by tokens

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Commerce Media has introduced tokens in its two-factor authentication solution.

Commerce Media has introduced tokens in its two-factor authentication solution.

The information security provider's two-factor authentication Celo, was launched in 2008 to authenticate users accessing information remotely on either a web-based application or server.

Celo is now available with a token, meaning that as well as having the option to use mediums such as a mobile phone, email or pager, users can provide a one-time-password via a dedicated device.

Michael Robertson, managing director of Commerce Media and creator of Celo, said: “As Celo's central management approach facilitates multiple delivery methods of one-time-passwords through a single administration interface, it allows the implementer to decide how the password will be communicated.

“It is without doubt that two-factor authentication will continue to grow in popularity.  Businesses across all sectors are identifying the benefits of implementing two-factor authentication solutions to support remote working, form part of a disaster recovery and business continuity plan and secure the transfer of financial data on retail sites to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.”


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