Centralisation and data structuring included in new version of LogLogic software

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LogLogic has announced the latest version of its log management software.

LogLogic has announced the latest version of its log management software.

The company said that LogLogic 5 centralises and structures IT data so that enterprises operate secure, efficient IT infrastructures within a compliance or best-practice framework, with enhanced visibility and control.

Among its key features is the Universal Collection Framework (UCF), which LogLogic said is the first wide area network-aware, store-and-forward, encrypted, compressed IT data transport that allows customers to gather IT data, increase resilience, reduce network chatter and encrypt from almost any device.

Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic, said that UCF leverages a new transport and store protocol that LogLogic intends to open source in the near future.

He said: “Large enterprises have a huge challenge in gathering, storing and processing data from their IT infrastructure. They have widely distributed complex systems that are constantly changing, yet still need to meet compliance mandates, improve their security stance and understand the workings of their IT operations.

“With LogLogic 5, we enable 360 insight, allowing companies to establish a streamlined approach for managing all of their IT data across all devices, regardless of whether they're physical, virtual or cloud-based.”

Other features include the ‘Log Labels' data description technology, that allows text-based data to be intelligently structured, masking the intricacies of log or flow data. According to the company, with Log Labels, companies can now auto-identify, parse and centrally manage data from applications and devices, providing 360 visibility across an entire system.

LogLogic 5 also includes a new management interface that reduces remediation, discovery and management time with extensible and flexible workflow ontology.


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