CEO of Becrypt to speak at cyber-security summit in NYC

News by Danielle Correa

The CEO of Becrypt, Dr Bernard Parsons, has been invited to the New York City Cyber-Security Summit to speak on 18 September. The Summit is aimed at C-level executives who are accountable for protecting the critical infrastructures of their companies from cyber-attack.

At the conference, Dr Parsons will focus on the security risks within supply chains and examine if risk management practices are effective when it comes to identifying the brunt of a data breach.

Dr Parsons states, “We have seen an increase in regulatory scrutiny that has affected not just financial institutions, but a broad base of third-party suppliers. While activities can be outsourced, responsibility cannot, and security breaches within the supply chain are proving a huge risk to organisations. Simply conducting an audit to validate third-party security is for many proving insufficient, in light of the far-reaching impact of high profile data breaches that are setting precedents for liability.

“As breaches become more frequent and real for most, we are seeing a shift from discussions of risk, which imply a possibility of attack, to business impact and liability that recognises their constant presence”.

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