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Romanian police arrest five for spreading Cerber, CTB-Locker ransomware

Romanian law enforcement arrested a gang of five men who operated a ransomware distribution organisation that spread Cerber and CTB-Locker.

WannaCry, Cerber most used ransomware types, hospitals most hit sector

WannaCry and Cerber has totally dominated the ransomware landscape so far this year comprising almost all the attacks that have taken place, while other big names such as Locky were barely a blip on the radar.

Vaccine discovered for Cerber ransomware - based on its own evasion

Hackers try to circumvent anti-ransomware, gives researchers vital clues to combat threat of Cerber

Microsoft says Cerber ransomware most popular infector of Windows 10

The software giant claims Genasom and Locky took second and third place for attacking Windows 10 Enterprise boxes with about 1000 infections each.

Cerber ransomware: Now with database encryption

The widespread and ever-evolving Cerber ransomware has upped its game as it targets enterprises with a new capability to encrypt database files.

Cerber 4.0 spotted in EKs just a month after 3.0 release

Trend Micro researchers have spotted several exploit kits delivering Cerber 4.0 ransomware just a month after the release of version 3.

ICYMI: Brexit, SWIFT heists, Office 365 phishing, CCTV botnets and more Brexit

This week's In Case You Missed it looks at Brexit, Cerber Ransomware, CCTV botnets and yet another heist on a SWIFT affiliate

Microsoft Office 365 hit with massive Cerber ransomware attack, report

Millions of Microsoft Office 365 users were potentially exposed to a massive zero-day Cerber ransomware attack last week.

Check Point tracks two waves of Cerber ransomware hitting US, UK

A team of Check Point researchers has tracked two large waves of attacks using Cerber ransomware in the last few months, with more spikes in the number of incidents expected.

ICYMI: WhatsApp trap; Cerber RaaS; LinkedIn loss; Screen lock; 2 yrs to GDPR

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at WhatsApp malware; Cerber Ransomware; LinkedIn loses 117m credentials; Screen lock scammers; GDPR countdown. Note: UK Holiday 30 May.

Cerber ransomware on sale in Russian darknet with new scripting features

Victims download the malware either via a double-zipped file with a WSF inside attached to the malicious email or via an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email which is linked to the same ZIP file.

Dark web forums found offering Cerber 'ransomware as a service'

The pro-Eastern European ransomware Cerber has been spotted on dark web Russian forums offering ransomware as a service, according to the cyber intelligence firm Sensecy.

Multilingual ransomware tells users their files are encrypted

A new ransomware has been developed that verbally informs its victims that it has encrypted their files.