CertiVox and Cryptosoft have announced a partnership to develop a solution specifically looking at transforming how data-in-motion is encrypted and secured.

The solution will combine CertiVox's SkyKey service and Cryptosoft's encryption automation platform and according to the companies it will enable data-centric encryption while eliminating the need for public key exchange.

Under the terms of the agreement, Cryptosoft will embed CertiVox's SkyKey service and SkyKey SDK into its encryption automation platform for on-premise and hybrid cloud security. This will enable organisations to benefit from automated, end-to-end encrypted data transfer, driven by a simple management interface and most importantly without the need for a traditional PKI, it said.

Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox, said: “Nothing should be quicker, slicker or safer than one machine talking to another, but successive generations of security providers have wilfully imposed incomplete, inefficient and downright unsafe practices on the market in order to milk its longevity.

“With SkyKey, and its high degree of automation, that gravy train stops. And in Cryptosoft, with its expertise in those security solutions that are about to be supplanted, I can think of no more effective a partner to help us take this revolution to market.”

Jon Penney, CEO at Cryptosoft, said: “We are extremely excited by SkyKey and its ability to simplify the secure exchange of information assets by eliminating the costly burden of traditional PKIs.

“With our extensive experience of how companies do this right now, and CertiVox's vision for how they should be doing it in the very near future, we are jointly in a very strong position.”