CertiVox looks to the PrivateSky with beta launch of encryption platform

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CertiVox has announced the availability of the free public beta of PrivateSky S.I.X.

CertiVox has announced the availability of the free public beta of PrivateSky S.I.X.

The company said the platform is an HTML5-capable, browser-based encryption platform that allows users to encrypt and exchange information through the cloud without the need for certificates, passwords or complex workflows.

PrivateSky S.I.X. uses patent-pending Incognito keys and 'certificateless' encryption technology for an integrated key management functionality that encrypts a user's data on any platform or device before it is moved to the cloud for storage and use.

Activated by one click from within Outlook, a web browser or (soon to be launched) via any browser-based application on a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, both encryption and decryption are securely completed within the user's device with no disruption to workflow.

Among the features are the capability to retain control of encryption keys while the platform separates them from the data in transit, ensuring that only the intended recipients can access the information.

Brian Spector, CEO of CertiVox, said: “PrivateSky is a much-anticipated leap forward in information security that empowers individuals, businesses and their partners and customers with easy-to-use tools to take control of their own data and protect their online exchanges and transactions from being compromised.

“By getting rid of both user burden and the need to manage complex infrastructure, we've taken the hassle out of internet security, making it easy and economical for anyone to secure information exchanges. We're thrilled to bring this breakthrough to users around the world with this beta release."


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