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£2,700 for up to 50 managed devices

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Strengths: Manages changes and compliance across a very broad range of assets

Weaknesses: Documentation could be stronger

Verdict: Once administration is complete this product has solid configuration management capabilities

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Change Tracker from New Net Technologies is a full-scale combination of configuration management and policy compliance that can be deployed enterprise-wide to ensure workstations and servers, as well as network devices, firewalls and directories, meet the organisation's configuration policy.

It provides full-scale reporting and management of system health, availability, performance, users, compliance, configuration, changes to systems and asset management all in one place.

We found this product to be a simple install. All of the various components were easily installed by running executables and following install wizards. Once complete, all management is done through an easy-to-use management console. Devices can also be easily added to the system individually or the network can be scanned for devices to manage.

The other components of Change Tracker include On-Line Manager, a web-based GUI for Change Manager allowing administration from any machine on the network; Compliance Hub, the policy and compliance piece of the suite; and Remote Angel, which deploys agents to the client machines. We found all of the components to be easy to use and manage.

Change Tracker can be used to manage and track changes to configurations on routers and switches. Compliance Hub is used to define and deploy pre-built compliance policy or custom-built policy. It can manage running processes, services and registry entries easily and clone templates throughout the enterprise.

Documentation provided consisted of two PDF getting-started guides. The first detailed the installation and basic configuration of the Change Tracker and On-Line Manager, while the second focused on Compliance Hub and Remote Angel. Both provided a solid amount of detail, step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to get the product up and running. We did not receive nor could we find any other documentation. We would have liked to have an administrator guide for more in-depth configuration information.

New Net Technologies offers limited no cost support but customers can purchase advanced support at a cost of 20 per cent of the software list price, including phone-based 8/5 technical and email support. There is also a small area on the website that includes a knowledgebase and tutorial videos.

We find this product to be great value for the money. It provides a high amount of functionality, with cross platform and application flexibility.

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