Security is a more and more complicated environment and technologies that do not work together are not helping the situation.

Speaking at the Check Point Experience in Berlin, CEO and founder Gil Shwed said with a focus on installing new applications and products, not enough emphasis is put on security and the impact it has. “Are we doing the right things? We are picking up technologies but that is not always the right answer,” he said.

Shwed said that security has moved from amateur hackers to strategic moves with weapons such as Stuxnet and Flame, and it was not just companies and countries that are being targeted by such malware – botnets and tools that attack networks every day were also a major concern.

He said: “Our research found that 82 per cent of enterprises experienced a bot attack in the last year, this would have been avoided with simple controls. We must make security more simple and controllable. Last year we talked of the concept of 3D security, taking in people, policy and enforcement.”

Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point, said that along with those three areas, businesses should also consider multiple layers of defence and central management, saying that it was not enough to have one layer and visibility was key.

Speaking to SC Magazine, Tomer Teller, security evangelist at Check Point, said: “You must know where your data is so it can be protected and monitored as you cannot protect everything.

“You want more visibility of your assets as you often do not know what to defend as companies can only detect but not defend, there is a big difference here. If it is not centralised, you cannot know what is there.”