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Strengths: Tried and true protection

Weaknesses: Licensing has always been the bane of Check Point products

Verdict: Among the network-based firewalls, Check Point is first rate and the yardstick to measure other products against

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The first conference I attended was a Check Point conference in 1996. Since Check Point pioneered stateful inspection, it seemed that a good portion of the conference was devoted to explaining the new technology.

Since Check Point was the leader in 1996, the question inevitably arises: what has Check Point done in the intervening period to handle the many emerging threats?

The days of simple port filtering are long gone and the Power-1 encompasses a wide array of features, which include SSL VPNs, web security, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam. Check Point has a few quite unique components to current offerings of application intelligence, which is now a component of Smart Defense.

Check Point also offers the ability to block IP addresses from the real-time log for a specified period. This is often handy when so called 'Asian' attackers are trying to compromise a website; the attackers may not actually hail from Asia because the attackers may be using a proxy to hide the true IP address.

Check Point is also a superior firewall device from the logging perspective. Check Point logs are in standard pcap format, so they can be imported into utilities such as packet sniffers. In addition, the logs from Check Point are among the most detailed available.

Check Point's documentation has been much better recently. It used to come in a complete set of books, but now it has been moved over to soft copy on a CD.

Support is offered through phone, email and its website. The hardware is covered by warranty for three years, starting from the date of registration or 75 days after the product is purchased.

Check Point support options range from the standard support plan that provides telephone assistance during normal business hours to the premium support plan providing 24/7 assistance.*

There are two products in the Power-1 range from Check Point: the 5070 (firewall throughput of 9Gbps) and the 9070 (14Gbps). The Power-1 5070 under review is priced at £24,313, which makes it in the upper middle class of products in this test.

*In the US. Please contact regional office for support details for the UK and rest of Europe.

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