Check Point has unveiled a new entry-level next-generation firewall appliance that it says offers enterprise-class security to branches and remote offices.

According to Check Point, the new 1100 appliances offer 1.5Gbps of max firewall throughput, 220Mbps of max VPN throughput and a 31 SecurityPower unit (SPU) rating.

It uses the company's Software Blade Architecture technology, which enables organisations to tailor their security infrastructure to specific threats. Check Point claims this means customers can deploy a range of security technologies, such as firewalls, VPNs, application control, DLP and anti-virus.

The appliances come pre-loaded with security technologies that Check Point says are vital to keeping small and branch offices of one to 100 workers protected.

This includes a desktop form-factor, with ten one-gigabit Ethernet ports, and what Check Point describes as a simplified management platform so set-up and configuration can be done by non-IT people, which is important in smaller branch offices where there may not be that expertise.

It also features Check Point's SmartCenter, a management platform that can offer either localised web-based management or profile-based centralised management.

Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point, said that while headquarters and other main offices are often well protected, organisations can sometimes forget to secure their smaller branch offices. This can offer attackers an easy route into the enterprise network.

“Branch offices can be considered enterprises' weakest link. Security solutions for remote sites cannot be neglected, regardless of the site's size or purpose,” he said. “The 1100 appliances offer Check Point's industry-leading security for branch offices and come complete with customisable management, optimal performance and appropriate hardware pricing and design.”

The Check Point 1100 appliances come in three models (1120, 1140 and 1180) and are available now, the company said.