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Strengths: Feature-packed UTM appliance

Weaknesses: Difficult to manage

Verdict: Give this one a close look if you have experience with other Check Point products

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Check Point UTM-1 136 comes fully loaded with features such as firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spyware, URL filtering, web security and anti-spam. It can be further customised with additional features and functions, such as data loss prevention, to meet the needs of the environment.

We found this appliance to be simple to deploy but quite difficult to configure. The initial deployment is done by connecting the appliance to the network and accessing a web-based interface. This includes a setup wizard that will get a basic configuration in place.

After the completion of the setup wizard the administration applications must be downloaded from the appliance. Once installed on a management computer all administration is done through these applications. We found these to be quite awkward to use and it took us a while to get the hang of setting up and configuring the various functions of the device.

The Check Point appliance requires configuration from scratch. While there are many predefined signatures for functions such as IPS, getting firewall policy set up and managing other functions is non-intuitive. We found this links directly to the awkwardness of the interface itself, as we were clicking around the interface many times trying to find out how to configure the various aspects of the appliance.

Documentation provided included various PDF manuals and guides. Almost every function of the device had its own administrator guide. We found the guides to be well organised and they included many step-by-step instructions, screenshots and configuration examples.

Check Point offers various support options as part of a program. These can range from 20 to 40 per cent of the install base price and include various levels of phone, email, onsite and update support. There is also no cost help available on the website in the form of a knowledgebase, forum and live chat.

At £3,300 we find this product to be average value for the money. While it does provide a lot of functionality, it is difficult to configure and manage, which adds to its overall cost of ownership.

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