The acquisition of Nokia's security appliance arm by Check Point will be welcomed by staff and customers alike.


David Ellis, director for e-security at Computerlinks, a distributor for both Nokia and Check Point, claimed that moving the Nokia security appliance range into Check Point's portfolio will be seen as a positive move.


Ellis said: “Ipsilon Networks was bought by Nokia in 1997 and worked closely with Check Point and created a range of security appliances. Over the past two to three years they have worked hard to bring a range of products in the core business but the company focussed on mobile phones and mobility products so they were not always selling security and there was a bigger gap between the two areas than previously thought.”


He claimed that as Check Point and Nokia began to work together about ten years ago, it seemed to be a perfect fit as Nokia developed its own appliances that worked with the Check Point range.


Ellis claimed that while customers will benefit from both ranges being under the one ‘umbrella' of Check Point, some of the Nokia security staff may have felt a bit frustrated, as it has not been the core business of the company.


Ellis said: “Check Point will continue with the best of both as it will bring the two ranges into one and utilise what is good about the Nokia range.


“We work closely with both companies and we feel that it is good how it has turned out, someone else may have bought into Nokia just to access the customer base, it is ultimately good for the customer as they have been through refreshes on the platform.”