China responsible for multiple US military breaches

News by Ava Fedorov

In a report made public this week, US Senate investigators confirmed that China's military stole emails, documents, user account information and computer codes of airline and commercial shipping companies contracted by the Pentagon. According to the report, the yearlong investigation has uncovered at least twenty network hacks or “unspecified cyber events targeting companies,” nine of which were successfully compromised by the attacks.

The report states that the defence companies, which have not been identified, failed not only to alert the Pentagon of the system break-ins as required under their contracts, but also failed to share the security breach information within their own organisations.

The committee's chairman, US Senator Carl Levin, called these findings “very disturbing,” in a statement to the press.

Still, most of the US politicians involved prefer to focus on addressing China's “aggressive” actions in peacetime cyberspace, rather than address the gaping holes in cybersecurity so crucial to US government and military function.


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