China top source of DDoS attacks - Imperva

News by Danielle Correa

Imperva's quarterly DDoS Threat Landscape Report indicates that China is the top source of DDoS attacks.

The top attacking country delivering DDoS attacks is China, with 37.5 percent of DDoS botnet traffic originating there. It is globally by far the leading source country of attacks according to the Imperva quarterly DDoS Threat Landscape Report that reviewed changes in DDoS attack patterns during the third quarter of 2015. The results of the report were gathered by using data from 7,752 network and application layer assaults that were mitigated by Imperva Incapsula in Q3 2015.

Attackers concentrated fire on US and APAC hosted websites. The US was the most attacked country worldwide, with its websites were targeted by 45.8 percent of DDoS botnet traffic. APC hosted websites received 40.7 percent of botnet traffic.

In Q3, 100+ Gbps attack became commonplace. A 100+ Gbps network layer attack was mitigated once every other day, the largest one peaked at 260 Gbps. The biggest application later attack climaxed at 268,800 requests per second.

Multi-vector attack grew in sophistication with eight and nine vector assaults taking place in Q3 even though the number of multi-vector attacks decreased from 44 percent in Q2.

Most likely due to an increase in DDoS attacks from China, a revival in Baidu bot impersonators came about after a significant decrease in Q2.

With only four percent lasting more than three hours, the extent of network layer attacks was down. However, the longest one still lasted for 31 days. The longest application layer attack lasted more than 20 days. 


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