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Maritine industries target of suspected Chinese cyber-espionage group

The suspected Chinese cyber-espionage group dubbed "TEMP.Periscope" is targeting US engineering and maritime industries in its latest campaign.

HenBox malware targets Chinese minority group

A new Android malware family dubbed HenBox is targeting a large online population based in China who have been the subject of numerous cyber-attacks in the past.

Chinese Ministry of State Security caught manipulating critical CVE data

Early warnings arrive late: Newly published research from Recorded Future reveals that China has been manipulating critical vulnerability data, and then back dating CVEs to cover up the evidence.

Updated Avzhan DDoS bot spotted in Chinese drive-by attack

A Chinese drive-by attack was recently observed dropping an updated version of the Avzhan DDoS bot, according to Malwarebytes researchers.

Apple's China-based iCloud data centre raises privacy, human rights fears

Human rights activists are concerned that the Chinese government's regulation requiring that Apple host its citizen's iCloud accounts on servers in China could make it easier for that nation to track down dissenters.

Concern expressed over possible prior Chinese knowledge of Spectre/Meltdown

In the US, the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman expressed concern over reports that Intel informed Chinese companies about the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities before it told US officials.

Business​ ​Risk​ ​Intelligence​ ​-​ 2017​​ ​Review​,​ ​2018​ ​Flashpoints

China leads the hacking charts with the highest combination of impact factors ticked off on a matrix combining the potential capability and impact of possible attacker groups, thus presenting the highest risk.

Email scam using Xero invoice as bait detected

A large email scam centered on a fake Xero invoice was detected by the firm Mailguard, the second such campaign using the popular cloud-based accounting software this month.

Report: Chinese cyber-spies target Western think tanks, DDos attacks in Q4

At least four Western think tanks and two non-government organisations were targeted in Chinese cyber- espionage activities this past October and November, according to a new report from CrowdStrike.

Backdoor ships SMS data back to China

A firmware code created by a Chinese company called Adups has been found to be collecting vasts amount of user information and sending it to servers located in China according to US cyber-security firm Kryptowire.

US charges members of elite Chinese hacking unit APT3

Federal prosecutors in US charge three Chinese nationals with hacking into Siemens AG, Trimble Inc and Moody's Analytics.

China forbids digital currency fund-raising activity

China on Monday banned fund-raising investments in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, a move that follows several major hacks of digital currency exchanges during their Initial Coin Offerings.

Amazon suspends sales of Blu Android phones amid spyware allegations

Kryptowire researchers reasserted their claims that certain Android phones manufactured by Blu sent sensitive information to third parties in China, claims which Blu denies.

Both Russia and China clamp down further on VPNs - Apple complies

Both the Russian and Chinese governements have clamped down further on VPNs used to access non-approved sites anonymously, and Apple has now pulled VPN apps from its AppStore in China.

Apple contractors based in China caught selling customer data

Authorities in China have unmasked a massive underground market where Apple contractors were selling user data of Apple's Chinese customers.

China outlines goals of state-run internet in cyber-policy paper

China described its vision of how countries should cooperate in the cyberspace in its first cyber-policy paper.

ICYMI: HMRC/DMARC; Windows Vul; UK-China; IDF hack; Vendor hid attack

In Case You Missed It: HMRC implements DMARC; Windows bug revealed; UK-China cooperation; ViperRat hacks Israeli defence; Supply-chain attack hidden

UK and China agree coordination on cyber-security issues

Sir Mark Lyall Grant and Wang Yongqing focused on cooperation on cyber-security, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism, and organised crime.

Chinese APTs IDed in raids against Russian and Belarus aerospace firms

Chinese use spear-phishing attacks to extract military hardware secrets from Russians in a sign that APT attacks will continue to grow in 2017, says Proofpoint.

Chinese cyber-security laws raise espionage and censorship fears

The Chinese Government has passed a new law which enforces further restrictions on the internet freedoms of its internet surfing population. While foreign businesses say this shuts them out, the Chinese government has insisted this law is purely to arm its country with stronger cyber-security protections.

Controversial cyber-security law about to be passed in China

The law could offer sweeping internet censorship powers to the government.

Chinese IoT device manufacturer recalls products amidst mass DDoS attacks

A large scale DDoS attack, carried out by a botnet of hacked Internet of Things devices, many of which were made by Chinese firm Xiongmai has now prompted a product recall.

Cyber-attacks targeting DoD contractor, OPM, and US aircraft carrier linked to China

A Chinese cyber-attack targeting a US Defence Department contractor was linked to the OPM hack.

New NATO report claims China's cyber-space influence continues to grow

A new report by the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCD COE) has shown a comprehensive overview of the evolving Chinese cyber-structures.

Researcher believes major DDoS attacks part of military recon to shut down internet

The attacks targeted major companies that provide internet infrastructure and appear to have probed the companies' defenses to determine capabilities.

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to go ahead with Chinese involvement despite previous concerns

Despite concerns over security from both the Prime Minister and one of her chiefs of staff, Hinkley Point C nuclear power station has been given a green light today for construction with backing from China.

China allows foreign tech firms to participate in creating cyber-security standards

China has signaled an interest in a global approach to developing the country's cyber-security standards for foreign technology companies.

US government accuses Hinkley point partner of nuclear espionage

Major partners in the controversial nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point have been accused in American courts of attempting to steal US nuclear technology.

Concern about Chinese involvement at Hinkley Point is misdirected, say experts

Experts say that government concerns over cyber-security at the new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point are misdirected and that the Chinese are not the real worry.

The security implications of China's quantum communications satellite

Dwayne Melancon discusses why he thinks China's quantum communication satellite is more of a novelty than a practical solution to the eavesdropping problem.