Chip And Pin News, Articles and Updates

US Secret Service warns of crooks swapping out chips on stolen debit cards

Thieves are intercepting debit cards in the mail, removing their chips and replacing them with older or invalid ones, and then using the stolen chips when their rightful owner activates the sabotaged card.

Evolved Prilex malware lets cyber-criminals clone chip and PIN cards

Prilex, a point-of-sale malware program that's historically been used to steal money or payment card information from Brazilian ATMs and retailers, has now evolved into a comprehensive tool suite allowing chip and pin card data theft.

Black Hat Las Vegas: Point-of-sale experts bypass security measures in popular PIN pad, including EMV protections

After physically demonstrating how to hijack retail point-of-sale transactions - including those using EMV-standard chip cards - two security experts from NCR Corporation offered attendees at Black Hat critical tips on preventing such incidents in real life.

French Crims hack chips and pins

Criminals have figured out ways to 'hack' chip and pin cards, several years after University of Cambridge Researchers proved it was possible.

Payment processing company tests facial recognition camera as fraud preventative

Worldpay, a payment processing technology company, said it's researching using facial recognition in stores around the UK as a card fraud preventative measure.