Christmas News, Articles and Updates

Zeus Panda targeting holiday shoppers

With just a few more shopping days available before Christmas, cyber-criminals are taking advantage of online shoppers' frenzied buying habits by injecting the Zeus Panda banking trojan into a wide range of retail and travel sites.

Russians suspected of gearing up to hit Ukraine power-grid over holidays?

Days before Christmas in 2015, remote hackers took control from Ukrainian grid operators and by digitally commandeering substations, shut off power for 225,000 customers for several hours.

FastPOS malware becomes stealthier ahead of festive credit card spree

FastPOS malware, known for the speed with which it exfiltrated data often at the expense of stealth, has been upgraded to make it more covert - just in time for Christmas.

Hands up, Santa: hackers hijack parcel confirmation emails

As the festive season arrives, hackers have been trying out a new trick: phishing emails in the forms of parcel delivery notifications.