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SC Congress 2018 Security best practices needed to stay in line with GDPR

It's not enough to do the minimum necessary now with enforcement of new rules less than 100 days away.With GDPR coming into force less than 100 days, organisations need to make sure they are using best practices for security now.

WikiLeaks: CIA impersonated Kaspersky Labs as cover for malware operations

WikiLeaks, under its new Vault 8 series of released documents, has rolled out what it says is the source code to a previously noted CIA tool, called Hive, that is used to help hide espionage actions when the Agency implants malware.

FBI and CIA searching for "insider" following Wikileaks data dump

The CIA and FBI are said to have embarked on the search for the person who leaked their respective secret hacking tools to Wikileaks, which is being described as one of the "worst security breaches in CIA history".

Intel Security responds to EFI rootkit malware, updates detection tool

Intel Security has updated its Chipsec BIOS tool in response to the release last week of WikiLeaks' Vault7 collection of 'cutting-edge' CIA malware.

WikiLeaks promises to leak Vault 7 code archive to tech firms first

Tech firms will get "exclusive access" to Vault 7 tech details to allow them to patch vulnerabilities, says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

'No big surprise' says security industry in response to CIA data breach

The CIA breach is being described as the biggest "since Snowden", and yet most in the security industry have expressed that the view that "spooks will be spooks".

Assange stokes up the surveillance debate but will he like the answer?

With the release of the "Vault 7" CIA files, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks hope to provoke a debate about cyber-espionage tools but what if they don't get the answer they are looking for?

MalwareMustDie closes blog in NSA/CIA spy protest

MalwareMustDie, the white-hat security research group, has closed its blog in protest of alleged American espionage against friendly countries.

Current and former CIA directors blame Paris on Snowden and encryption

The current and former directors of the world's most famous intelligence agency lay the blame for terror attacks including Paris at the feet of Edward Snowden and encrypted messaging.

13 year old hacker 'cracka', responsible for CIA email leak, cracks some jokes

The alleged teenage hacker named 'Cracka' who claims to be the hacker that got into CIA Director John Brennan's AOL account, cracked jokes about still being alive, then asked the reporter not to tell anyone that.

CIA may pull spies from China after OPM hacks

After data on 21.5 million former and current OPM workers was exposed, US officials are concerned that hackers can use the information to determine Chinese spy identities.

CIA to reorganise, create digital directorate

Reorganisation at the CIA will see the creation of a specialist digital directorate to enhance overseas spying operations.

NSA bots monitor millions of Internet users

Former CIA contractor Edward Snowden has alleged that NSA's surveillance is even more widespread than first thought.

NSA has cracked the iPhone, claims researcher

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has been accused of effectively reverse engineering/recoding the iPhone for surveillance purposes.