CIOs don't trust US-based cloud systems

News by Ava Fedorov

A new survey conducted by the analysts at Forrester has revealed that despite a quarter of non-US based CIOs leaving US-based cloud systems, only a third of these left explicitly because of Edward Snowden's revelations on government spying.

Of the 1,668 non-US technology and business decision makers polled, “security concerns” was the motivation for “explicitly halting” or reducing expenditures on internet services from US-based companies, according to the report. Still, the motivations behind those security concerns varied from complying with local laws to the ease of partnering with domestic businesses, though half of respondents said they would not trust US companies to store any critical business data.

The analysts also pointed out that, on average, all respondents had about one third of their data stored in cloud, “so pulling it from the US is not a reversal of their strategies.”

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