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How CISO teams can 'see the things they shouldn't miss'

It's rare that CISOs have a horizontal view across their controls to know where to focus their resources for best overall effect which is why Nik Whitfield says agile analytics is a core capability that security teams already require today.

ICYMI: £1m CISO; WannaCry; Terror kit; GDPR penalties; Dutch rank

In Case You Missed It: £1m CISO: WannaCry- Exploit hoarding; Terror exploit kit; GDPR penalty driven; Dutch & 7 others ranked

Cyber-security needs real innovation

Sam Hutton says that as the rapidly growing menace of cyber-crime climbs the corporate agenda, it is increasingly recognised that the only genuine answer to such a severe threat lies in innovation.

Security: from the basement to the boardroom

Justin Dolly discusses why security should be high on the agenda of the board and seen as a business enabler, not drain on resources

ICYMI: Russian bank attack; UK CISO?; banks suspended; Crypto hack, hospital ransom

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Rusian bank attack thwarted; need for UK CISO?; banks hack themselves; Cypto key hack; US hospital ransomed.

Tripwire's New Year's resolutions for CISOs in 2016

With a new year comes opportunity for improvement. The year 2015 has been eventful for the cyber-security industry.