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InfoSec 2018: Rethinking security teams to address the skills shortage

A panel of CISOs came together at InfoSec 2018 to discuss the role of the CISO in trying to make companies safer and more secure.

How CISO teams can 'see the things they shouldn't miss'

It's rare that CISOs have a horizontal view across their controls to know where to focus their resources for best overall effect which is why Nik Whitfield says agile analytics is a core capability that security teams already require today.

ICYMI: £1m CISO; WannaCry; Terror kit; GDPR penalties; Dutch rank

In Case You Missed It: £1m CISO: WannaCry- Exploit hoarding; Terror exploit kit; GDPR penalty driven; Dutch & 7 others ranked

Cyber-security needs real innovation

Sam Hutton says that as the rapidly growing menace of cyber-crime climbs the corporate agenda, it is increasingly recognised that the only genuine answer to such a severe threat lies in innovation.

Security: from the basement to the boardroom

Justin Dolly discusses why security should be high on the agenda of the board and seen as a business enabler, not drain on resources

ICYMI: Russian bank attack; UK CISO?; banks suspended; Crypto hack, hospital ransom

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at Rusian bank attack thwarted; need for UK CISO?; banks hack themselves; Cypto key hack; US hospital ransomed.

Tripwire's New Year's resolutions for CISOs in 2016

With a new year comes opportunity for improvement. The year 2015 has been eventful for the cyber-security industry.