Citicus announced the launch of the Citicus ONE Release 3 risk and compliance management software.


It claimed that this will enable an enterprise to measure, manage and reduce the risk posed, not only by IT, but by the full spectrum of assets, processes, facilities and external parties on which it depends.

Risk managers can compare and aggregate different areas of risk, and provide decision-makers with an overall picture of their organisation's risk status with visual, informative results including risk and compliance status reports.


Marco Kapp, director and co-founder of Citicus, said: “No organisation can expect to prosper today unless it understands and manages the risks it faces, yet the majority of businesses are still not sure how to achieve this.


“Citicus ONE Release 3 covers all areas of operational risk that are critical to the success, health and continuity of a business. It enables risk managers to elevate their contribution to a new plane.”