Citizenfour - snowden film trailer

News by Chandni Sembhi

Citizenfour was the pseudonym used by Edward Snowden as he emailed Laura Poitras classified NSA documents asking her to reveal them to the world.
Poitras has directed Citizenfour, a documentary of Snowden's motivation in his revelations about the NSA. The film contains the email correspondence between her and Snowden, serving as the narration for most of the film.
The emails have been transcribed from the film, and are an introduction to Snowden's disclosure of the then secret information. The first was from Snowden to Poitras, asking her about her cyber-security, telling her that he knows he will get into trouble. The correspondence continues with discussion about the risks of the plan, information about the NSA, interception of communications, and the cyber-operations they would undertake.


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