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Citrix Password Manager


Citrix Systems



£28.50 per named user

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Strengths: Great password management and single sign-on tool

Weaknesses: High cost for a limited feature set

Verdict: Great addition to an existing identity management suite

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This product is designed as the password management piece of a much larger identity management puzzle. Therefore, the features focus only on this one aspect. With the Citrix Password Manager, an administrator can do things such as password policy enforcement or transparent password change and manage single sign-on credentials. An interesting feature is the ability to create batch credential password provisioning.

We found this product to be of average ease of use. Installation is fairly straightforward but involves a lot of steps. First the central store must be created. From there the service and console must be installed, and finally the agent. Once everything is up and running there is some configuration to do. Finally we get to the management console itself. This is organised with tree navigation on the left-hand side and specific tasks appear when a feature or setting is selected. We found this console to be fairly intuitive, but we did have to click around a bit to become familiar with it.

While this product is basically just a password manager with some extra elements, it does have some good integration features. It is designed to integrate into an existing identity management platform such as HP Select Identity, Courion AccountCourier or IBM Tivoli Identity Manager. This helps add some functionality to an existing environment. Without integration, this product still offers some nice features, but full identity management is not one of them.

Documentation is all in straightforward, bland, back-to-basics form. Both the installation guide and the administration guide lack any kind of illustrations or screenshots. However, there are a few diagrams and many detailed step-by-step instructions and configurations. We found all documentation to be easy to understand and simple to navigate.

Citrix offers a comprehensive support programme that includes everything from phone technical support and customer service to email support to documentation, downloads, updates and a knowledge base.

At a cost of £28.50 per user, we find this product to be average value for money. While it is nice that it can add some great functionality to an existing infrastructure; the features in and of themselves are not particularly great at that high cost.

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