City of London police to get cybercrime training

News by Ava Fedorov

With cybercrime responsible for seven out of ten fraud offences, according to data from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, the City of London police force is enlisting Russia-based security vendor Kaspersky Lab to bolster its cyber-crime-fighting prowess.

Both businesses and the police have historically struggled to understand and detect the exploding rate of cyber-crime and its evolving sophistication. Formulated after the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau's similar collaboration with Kapersky Lab earlier this year, education and training will be at the forefront of prevention and law enforcement, teaching officers how to identify and resolve cyber-crime.

The training will take place over one week and course coverage includes network traffic inspection, hard-drive image analysis, and decompiling malicious software. Once the police force has completed its training, the programme and its curriculum will be extended to large businesses who seek to enhance their organisation's abilities to protect against cyber-crime, as well as increase fraud reporting accuracy.

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