City of Sunderland College has selected Bloxx web filtering to deliver real-time web content filtering and reporting for over 10,800 onsite students and staff.

Moving from a solution that offered a lack of functionality and compliance with e-safety directives, Keith Prior, network engineer at City of Sunderland College, said that having the filtering control over its internet access helped them keep students on track and enabled them to better manage network bandwidth and resources.

“With Bloxx's real-time content analysis and filtering we have complete visibility and control of what web pages our users' are accessing and the use of anonymous proxies by students to bypass our web filtering has been eradicated. With Bloxx web filtering, the web content delivered is now much more appropriate for a learning environment and it has significantly helped us with our e-safety compliance,” he said.

“The appliance is very easy to use and when we need to make any configuration changes it's simple and straightforward to do and we are 100 per cent sure our users are safe and secure when accessing the internet.”