London's City University is to offer a new postgraduate course to help experienced information security and risk professionals progress to managerial and consultancy positions.

Launching in September this year, the masters in information security and risk (MISR) will teach technical, leadership and professional skills. It will also focus on the socio-technical aspects of security and information assurance, including how human behaviour, whether accidental or malicious, affects the security, resilience and reliability of IT systems.

The course will be taught by City's centre for software reliability (CSR) and course director, Professor Kevin Jones, who said that the aim of the course is to address the bigger picture of information security, teaching students how to identify the trade-offs between multiple risks and the costs of protection and how to advise senior management on such issues.

He said: “Existing postgraduate courses in the IT security field are focussed primarily on specialist technical skills. There's nothing out there to enable software engineers or risk auditors with five years' experience to gain the strategic outlook that's needed to move to management roles.”

The new course follows City's launch in 2010 of the master of information leadership postgraduate course, which was designed to educate the next generation of chief information officers.

The MISR will be taught in a modular format, enabling professionals to complete it in 28 months part-time or 12 months full-time.