Civil Liberties News, Articles and Updates

Cities planning transparency laws for police surveillance tech

In cities around the US, campaigns are being mobilised to allow greater accountability when it comes to surveillance policy.

UN warns police are not up to targeting dark web superstores

Not a place you want to go shopping, the 'anonymous online marketplace' was meant to protect civil liberties but is now better known as a nefarious network for the illicit drugs trade.

Revised Investigatory Powers Bill to be released later today

A revised version of the Investigatory Powers Bill is to be published later today by the Home Office. Introduced last year, it came under fire for it's lack of clarity about privacy and security.

Comms industry must filter "extremist content", says new report.

A new home office report says that the front line battle against extremism will be online. But what counts as extremism?

Whistleblowers given shock ovation by European MEPs

Former UK and US intelligence agents turned whistleblowers were given an unprecedented ovation at a European Parliament inquiry this week.