Clearswift have added ‘on box' encryption and real-time URL categorisation to the latest versions of its secure web and email gateways.

Version 2.1 of the Clearswift Secure Web Gateway includes real-time website categorisation so that inappropriate websites can be assessed and blocked if necessary in real-time using technology that recognises the typical characteristics of ‘inappropriate' sites. This technology is also used to help prevent inappropriate images being displayed on a Google image search.

Also added is an HTTPS certificate policy that allows the content of encrypted web traffic to be inspected for policy violations, and also allows the administrator to whitelist sites that they trust that fail the certificate validation checks.

Version 3.1 of the secure email gateway enables encryption of message content rather than encryption of the connection between two servers, to ensure that encryption is based on who the message is being sent to, or based on certain content within it.

Also, an improved anti-spam engine uses a cloud-based system to classify non-cached messages in real-time.