Clearswift has announced the launch of the Secure file gateway that it said enables users to add file content inspection features to existing applications and services.

According to the company, the file gateway identifies and manages sensitive data and prevents data loss, with a deep content inspection engine that inspects files and applies data loss prevention policies based on both the content and the metadata before the files are moved from one location to another.

It also offers a flexible policy creation using a web-based user interface an administrators can use a sophisticated web interface to manage and review policy violations.

Dr Guy Bunker, senior vice president of products at Clearswift, said: “Increasingly our customers require internal sanity checking of information before it is transferred from one department to another, or across to partners.

“The Secure file gateway enables policies to be set that support this business need and provide the assurance to businesses that the information shared complies with policy. For many of our customers, this is not just about ‘small' files, but also those that are multiple gigabytes.”