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Strengths: Enterprise look and feel. Excellent set of features

Weaknesses: Nothing that we could find

Verdict: Great value that scales well in most enterprise environments makes this our Recommended product

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Clearswift's MIMEsweeper Email Appliance 2.7 is a rack-mountable hardware device that secures inbound and outbound messages. The features available in the appliance include anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering (including smart identifiers to help prevent data leakage), anti-phishing and many others.

Setup and configuration of the appliance was easy. We had the device up and running within minutes and found the overall interface attractive and professional looking.

When reviewing email content management, we look for many defence-in-depth features and this appliance definitely delivered. Overall, it includes one of the largest ranges of user-friendly feature-sets that we've seen. Several configuration items are linear, which helps administrators understand what policy or configuration they are applying, and to which groups or users. The solution integrates with directory services and secures messages by using a combination of techniques.

This includes network-based integrity via reputation and sender validation but also content management, including anti-malware and smart identifiers. A few pre-built identifiers can be applied to filter messages for special data strings, such as credit card and social security numbers. The appliance also has enterprise management features, including automated report scheduling, backup and restoration capabilities, audit logs and more.

Navigating around the interface did take a slight learning curve, but after consulting the documentation we were quickly acclimatised.

Overall, the only feature we found missing from the product catalogue is encryption. This is a small caveat, given the many solid, defence-in-depth features contained in the appliance.

Documentation is thorough and extensive and available both on the appliance interface as well as offline.

Several support packages are available: basic 8/5 phone and email support is included with the cost of the solution. Upgrades to 24/7 support and training/installation options are available.

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