Clinton Cards has selected XTM 1050 high-performance next generation firewalls from WatchGuard at two data centres to protect more than 800 stores.

The appliances will handle all mobile and branch office VPNs as well as internal multi-protocol layer switching traffic between other Clinton Cards sites. As the company's two data centres are linked by fibre, the WatchGuard appliances will act as a single firewall across two locations to guarantee high availability.

Chris Hill, head IT engineer at Clinton Cards, said: “If connectivity is lost or slows down it can have a major impact on our business. The XTM 1050s give us a very reliable and seamless solution and also provide the ideal platform to support our move to introduce new technologies and services that we are pioneering in our ‘stores of the future'.”   

Clinton Cards also plans to use the Application Control capabilities of the WatchGuard XTM 1050s that will allow administrators to exercise fine-grained control over 1,800 applications and enforce acceptable use policies by selectively blocking or restricting access to applications based on a user's department, job function and time of day.

“The WatchGuard appliances provide us with the solutions we need today and also offer a wide range of other capabilities that we can roll out in the future,” said Hill.