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Data scientists urge Clinton to ask for recount in three states as voting anomalies emerge

Scientists and activist have urged Hilary Clinton to challenge the recent presidential election outcome, claiming to have new evidence that voting machines in key states were hacked into.

Attackers burn six zero-day exploits in DNC hacks

In just the past year, a Russian hacking gang exploited at least six zero-day vulnerabilities in Windows, Adobe Flash and Java to attack the email servers of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in the US.

Trump beats Clinton in presidential election spam race

The infamy of Donald Trump is being leveraged by canny cyber-criminals for everything from spam to credential phishing.

ICYMI: IoT alarms, Russia v Clinton v2, FireEye layoffs, cyber-crime Olympics

In case you missed it (ICYMI) this week, concerns over IOT burglar alarm, more attacks to come on Clinton campaign, FireEye redundancies and the Olympics of cyber-crime.

Attribution: What do we mean when we say Russia?

According to Intelligence officials, cyber-security companies and the Clinton campaign it was 'Russia' who hacked into the Democratic National Committee, but who or what really is 'Russia'?

Russian government admits agencies were hacked

The Russian government has announced that 20 different bodies within Russia, many of them government agencies, have been found with espionage malware lurking in their networks

Intelligence officials have 'high confidence' Russian gov hacked DNC

Highly placed intelligence officials are pretty sure that the hackers who breached the Democratic party just over a month ago were backed by the Russian government.

Clinton campaign accuses Russia of DNC hack

The leak of 19,000 embarrassing emails from the Democratic Party has got the Clinton campaign talking about Russian involvement and how foreign actors may be trying to manipulate the outcome of November's election.

Anonymous once again targets ISIS following Brussels attacks

Anonymous has reportedly set its sights on ISIS following the terrorist attack on Belgium in its latest campaign dubbed "#OpBrussels.