Cloud Adoption News, Articles and Updates

Avoiding cyber-attacks with the correct cloud strategy

Businesses can avoid or reduce the impact an attack has on their company if they use the correct cloud strategy when controlling their security. Technical security must be accompanied by organisational & personnel measures.

Managing data security in a multi-cloud environment: control & compliance

As organisations continue to embrace the benefits offered by diverse multi-cloud environments, it's essential that they're aware of how best to achieve both compliance and control says Peter Galvin.

Digital skills shortage poses a security risk

The Commons Science and Technology Committee reports that by 2017, the UK will need 745,000 more workers with digital skills and warns that organisations lacking the necessary digital skills face increased security threats and failed cloud migrations if the problem is not addressed.

What the EU's Safe Harbour ruling means for European businesses

Mike Fey recalls the European Court of Justice invalidating the agreement between EU and US organisations on data transfer on 6 October.

Building a new cloud security model

Users need to realise that cloud services can be more secure, not less, but it is a new security model where we need to be clear what we want to do and how we plan to do it says Russell Spitler.