Fidelis Security Systems has released a cloud security solution to provide visibility and control at the enterprise network edge.

According to the company, the Fidelis XPS Cloud Security Solution lowers the risk associated with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and makes visibility and control of cloud services possible. It combines the Fidelis SSL Inspector and Fidelis XPS.

It claimed that the solution allows enterprises to ensure that only authorised services and service providers are being used, only authorised information is being transferred to or through these providers and that users are not downloading malicious content. Enterprises can also ensure that their users aren't the victims of a ‘man-in-the-middle' attack when connecting to their SaaS providers.

Hardik Modi, senior product manager at Fidelis, said it is easy for people within an organisation to adopt SaaS applications on their own initiative without consulting security personnel.

“Applications with roots in the consumer market end up being adopted for business purposes, and organisations don't have control over the kind of information hosted there. Many SaaS providers could suffer public security breaches that expose them and their customers to the loss of sensitive business information. We are addressing this concern with our new solution,” he said.