Cloud-based open mobile management platform introduced by iPass

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A cloud-based open mobile platform has been launched by iPass.

A cloud-based open mobile platform has been launched by iPass.

The company said that it will allow enterprises to deploy their own carrier independent mobility services by mixing and matching any network or device without requiring changes in infrastructure or disrupting the mobile worker's connectivity experience. It will deliver real-time cost control, security and intelligence at the point of connection.

The portfolio of the platform includes the iPass mobile connect service that orchestrates policy-based internet and corporate access through the iPass Open Mobile Client always-on lightweight software that runs on the mobile device.

A new service is offered with iPass mobile insight, which offers companies in-depth reporting and analysis on mobile usage across all their networks and devices. Using the iPass Open Mobile Portal, IT administrators can design and customise sophisticated reports that are driven by the iPass patented SQM data collection system, and monitor 24/7 usage, cost and compliance by division.

Finally, iPass mobile control is a new policy enforcement service that enables IT staff to apply and enforce cost, security and compliance measures across the mobile workforce by deploying a wide variety of connectivity and device oriented policies in real-time.

The mobile control function also allows the management of security policies centrally and distributed across the global fleet of laptop, netbook and mobile devices. The client also includes VPN, AV and personal firewall provisions.

The Event-Condition-Action (ECA) Controller allows certain actions to be taken under specific conditions. So if a user logs on to corporate email over a public WiFi hotspot the ECA controller will automatically launch a VPN connection if that policy has been put in place.

Evan Kaplan, CEO of iPass, said: “With a new open platform and flexible service offerings, enterprises can completely customise, adapt, and manage enterprise mobility as they please through one unified solution.”


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