Cloud-based version of email and web scanning technology introduced by Websense

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Websense has introduced a cloud-based version of the ThreatSeeker security service.

Websense has introduced a cloud-based version of the ThreatSeeker security service.

The ThreatSeeker cloud service delivers web, data and email security intelligence through the cloud-based delivery infrastructure that powers all of Websense content security products, including the company's SaaS security offerings and V10000 Web Security Gateway appliance.

Through a web-based API, third-party solution providers can leverage the ThreatSeeker Cloud to incorporate the security intelligence of ThreatSeeker Network – including real-time web and content classification, reputation, behavioural analysis, file and data analysis and security filtering – into their own products and services to protect their end-users from malicious web content, fraud and phishing attacks.

Devin Redmond, vice president of business development and product management at Websense, said: “The ThreatSeeker Cloud is basically a carrier-grade subscription service to our cloud-based content identification and intelligence infrastructure for third-party solutions providers.

“It extends the value of Websense technology to a new set of users in markets that we did not previously address. This new offering benefits everyone: infrastructure vendors can increase the total value of their products and services and end-users gain real-time protection and a better user experience.”


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