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BSI introduces training and certification for cloud services ISO/IEC 27017

British Standards Institution (BSI) has introduced certification and training to support the use of ISO/IEC 27017 based on ISO/IEC 27002 for cloud services.

Microsoft and US government clash over Ireland-held cloud data

Microsoft has rejected a request by the US government to hand over data the software giant holds in Ireland, claiming that the data in question doesn't belong to the company and raising questions of data jurisdiction.

UK security products market could reach US $1.7 billion in 2019

Almost half of UK businesses plan to increase their ICT spending this year.

Simple steps for safe cloud storage

A common-sense approach to cloud storage will ensure your valuable data remains safe and secure, says Thomas Chappelow.

Building a new cloud security model

Users need to realise that cloud services can be more secure, not less, but it is a new security model where we need to be clear what we want to do and how we plan to do it says Russell Spitler.

IT enablers: How CIOs can make the move from gatekeepers

Cloud computing is no longer in the sole charge of the IT team as organisations vie to take advantage of new cloud services, says Ian Finlay.

Venom vulnerability: toxic threat or hissing hyperbole?

Anyone reading the news headlines on the Venom flaw over the last 24 hours might be forgiven for thinking that the sky, or at least the cloud, is falling down.

Box in no rush to open EU data centres, sees end of Safe Harbor

US-based cloud collaboration and storage provider Box tells us that there are currently no plans to open European data centres, despite continuing concerns around NSA surveillance.

IBM invests £2bn in IoT

IBM has a £2 billion development programme better integrate data into its plaforms via a new internet of things unit, as well as creating a new a cloud platform.

Wi-Fi car updates pose security risk

Ford's announcement of software updates to its cars via WiFi highlights security concerns about Smart Car software.

ENISA launches cloud certification framework

The European Union has introduced a new scheme to help customers negotiate the security minefield when buying cloud services.

Beginning of the end for IT departments

The emergence of services such as cloud computing, data analysis, social business and mobility has brought corporate IT to what market research company IDC has dubbed the "third platform". But Wieland Alge asks, what will the third platform mean for the CIO role?

Three stages for securing the personal cloud

The personal cloud can be managed in three easy steps and secure the apps that employees are going to use regardless of policy, says Ojas Rege.

iCloud hole closed following brute force attack

A hole in iCloud's security allowed attackers to access any iCloud account via a brute force attack that side-stepped blocks - but it is now reported to have been patched.

The perimeter's breached - encrypt everything!

Late last year SC Magazine UK editor-in-chief Tony Morbin interviewed Alan Kessler, president and CEO, Vormetric, to get an industry insider view on issues in the commercial encryption market.

Are we heading in the 'wrong direction' on cloud apps?

Eduard Meelhuysen suggests we should consider taking cloud security tips from the world's biggest boy band, and asks: are we heading in the wrong direction on cloud apps?

You need to understand the cloud to embrace the cloud

Better understanding of the potential gains offered by the cloud will make the move easier to contemplate says Aidan Simister who outlines what companies should be looking for in a provider.

Why the cloud wasn't 'Shellshocked' and how to prepare for the next vulnerability

Companies should reconsider cloud-security perceptions says Pathik Patel, noting that recent software vulnerabilities such as Shellshock had less affect on cloud-based services than premises-based apps.

Out with the old, in with the cloud

Moving to the cloud is inevitable, but it demands new ways of thinking about data security, and new approaches to secure this new border says Martin Borrett.

Internet of Things attacks unlikely - but the cloud is another matter

Security software vendor Trend Micro says that nascent infrastructure means that there will be few attacks from cyber-criminals on Internet of Things devices next year.

Cyber security still a learning curve for most companies

Poor network visibility, outdated security tools, a skills shortage and a lack of control in the cloud are just some of the reasons companies are struggling with cyber-security, say two new reports.

Security - why it's the burning issue of the HPC future

New approaches are needed to overcome security concerns related to use of big data analysis suggests Andy Grant, with 'containerising' data and merging data on the fly among options suggested.

Microsoft says NSA spying hit trust in the cloud

A senior Microsoft spokesman says that government surveillance has damaged trust in the cloud and in the company itself, pushing the latter to focus more on data privacy and security.

Cloud computing hit by 'Celebgate'

Enterprises are questioning their cloud strategy after Apple's iCloud service was implicated in the leak of nude celebrity photos. But should one bad Apple spoil the bunch?

Office in the cloud: What are you waiting for?

Concerns are largely unfounded, and cloud services are already being used by many companies without them realising says Aidan Simister.

'App shaping' key to securing the cloud on a budget

One of the hot topics at this week's Identity Management conference in London was how to secure cloud-computing resources on a tight budget.