Cloud Expo Europe: Vaizey promises support from UK gov to tech industry

News by Roi Perez

Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries (DCMS) looked immensely proud as he spoke at one of the opening sessions on the Keynote stage at this year's Cloud Expo Europe.

He said that that the 21,000 delegates in attendance highlighted the UK Government's work which has meant that the UK has become a hotspot for technologists and startups alike.

Vaizey called the founding of Tech City in 2010 one of the DCMS' biggest success stories as it facilitates a conversation between government and the tech industry. He said it encourages business and has become one of the largest catalysts in making the UK the powerhouse of tech it has become.

Further work done by the government to assist with real change in the industry includes adding coding to the national curriculum, explaining that the government takes tackling the skills gap very seriously. Vaizey said the DCMS is working with Surrey University to develop a 5G communication standard.

Citing the IoT one of the biggest challenges faced by the technology industry and its huge $7 trillion market, Vaizey said we must embrace this huge pace of change brought on by 34 billion IoT devices and figure out what exactly matters, to ensure businesses are able to keep up in this modern age.

Vaizey said, “the IoT has the potential to revolutionise health, but the government has to be mindful of the obstacles to making this work from the perspectives of keeping all the data safe as cyber security is hugely important.”

In response to the growing IoT market, Vaizey said the government is investing £26 million into IoT UK, and are conducting huge amounts of research into the social implication of it IoT.


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