SecurEnvoy has launched SecurAccess v.5 to address issues with securing cloud based computing.


New additions include the addition of multi-platform LDAP support where existing databases of users can be used with no integration needed, and the option of flash SMS technology on phones, so passcodes are displayed as soon as the user demands authentication.

Steve Watts, co-founder of SecurEnvoy, said: “The proliferation of cloud computing technologies means companies are increasingly virtualising their data. The office perimeter has extended to wherever the remote user is working. As a result there are too many network access points for businesses to manage using traditional means of authentication.


“Open architectures, until now, have resulted in open season for hackers. Enterprises looking to offer flexible, mobile working to employees have embraced cloud computing as a way to make IT resources available to staff anywhere at any time. We just needed to ensure there was an easy way to make sure they're not available to anyone else.”