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Cybersecurity needs to move into cloud faster

As DevOps is becoming DevSecOps, cloud is being put at the heart of cyber-security by some; a cloud-first approach to cyber-security puts you at a starting point of natively operationalising security so it can scale with demand.

Staying safe in the cloud: tips for businesses

While using the cloud may involve online data security risks, there are several tools and practices that IT departments can implement to stay safe when moving to the cloud.

The cloud is more available than ever but are you making sure it's secure?

Most cloud providers are only responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs these services, while the customer is responsible for security inside the cloud, creating a shared responsibility of both the cloud provider and customer.

Avoiding cyber-attacks with the correct cloud strategy

Businesses can avoid or reduce the impact an attack has on their company if they use the correct cloud strategy when controlling their security. Technical security must be accompanied by organisational & personnel measures.

Making data security a priority in a cloud first world

Moving to the cloud? Don't neglect the security challenges. Ensure you have a security policy that works seamlessly across on-premise and cloud says Dave Nicholson

Why your staff's compromised credentials could pose a risk to the enterprise

Mitigating security risks from a company's entire cloud app ecosystem is not an easy task though oganisations can take certain steps to better prepare their systems for such threats says Andre Stewart.

The now generation: planning and securing your endpoints on the move

Mark Hickman, COO at WinMagic, discusses making the importance of delivering an infrastructure that meets the demands of the now generation, whilst protecting data.

UK orgs are adopting the cloud despite high-profile cyber-attacks

Fears of being hit by a cyber-attack or data protection fines aren't standing in the way as businesses are moving forward with their digital transformation plans.

Five must-haves toward achieving total file security in the cloud

Tom Grave suggests five must-haves so IT can make both sides of the file-sharing tug of war issue happy while at the same time making its job easier.

Cutting through complexity in cloud security to increase visibility

Javvad Malik offers advice and guidance for security teams looking to improve the security of their applications and data in the cloud.

Embrace the cloud - just make sure you don't leave IAM as an after-thought

Peter Boyle outlines the challenges of migrating applications to the cloud, discussing privacy and data governance and the role of Identity Access Management.

UK hybrid IT organisations still challenged by security concerns

Unlike a few years back when it was limited to early adopters, cloud and hybrid IT are a reality for most organisations today. Organisations of all sizes are implementing cloud computing to better meet the demands of a modernised workforce.

Countdown to 7 April: hackers struggle to get iCloud threats straight

Threats made last week that hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts would be wiped if hackers were not paid a ransom appear unclear as the group struggles to keep its story straight and security professionals dish dirt on its claims.

Amber Rudd renews call for intelligence services to break encryption

Despite many in the tech industry saying it won't work, home secretary Amber Rudd would like to persuade tech giants such as WhatsApp to break encryption for the intelligence services.

High cloud adoption, low IT security spend = 55% cyber-attack detection

Liviu Arsene discusses how organisations can best protect hybrid cloud environments from blitzkrieg attacks.

The ins and outs of securely operating the enterprise cloud service

Greg White urges cloud service providers to apply a multi-layered approach to security to ensure the integrity of premises, personnel, devices and data.

New GDPR training course aims to raise awareness in cloud industry

A new training scheme has been launched to raise awareness in the cloud industry of the requirements needed to comply with GDPR.

Celebgate repeat? Private images of Emma Watson and others leaked

In a manner that is becoming too familiar, hackers have once again broken into the iCloud accounts of female celebrities.

Pen Testing: The proven method of evaluating your networks

Chris Hodson analyses the security testing landscape today and why it remains crucial to businesses across the globe.

Office 365 bug bounty maximum prize $30,000 until May 1st

The Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty programme has doubled the maximum payment for vulnerabilities found on the company's Microsoft Office 365 Portal and Microsoft Exchange Online.

Zscaler fixes XSS vulnerability in admin portal affecting co-workers

Cloud security vendor fixes cross-site-scripting bug, downplays the threat, says it would only affect co-workers.

Security in the Cloud, some thoughts about the transition

Richard Beck provides suggestions and guidance around security implications for those looking to fully or partially move their infrastructure to the cloud, already working with cloud service providers or inheriting a cloud solution.

33% of ITDMs rank cloud storage scalability at their #1 wish in 2017

One third of IT decision makers (ITDMs) rank cloud storage scalability as their number one wish in 2017.

Rising to the new security challenge

The growth of the cloud may have many benefits for organisations but it requires network managers to change their attitude to security. Dr Konstantin Malkov looks at what CIOs and sys admins need to take into account when protecting their cloud based systems.

Airline booking software vulnerable to cyber-attack

Security Research Labs found that the three computer systems responsible for booking about 90 percent of all airline trips worldwide can expose passenger information due to several legacy flaws.

52% of UK IT pros say security is an obstacle to expand user mobility

Nearly all (90 percent) IT professionals are concerned about employees using their personal credentials for work purposes.

Mitigating the risk - how businesses can move to the cloud securely

Dave Nicholson discusses how businesses can ensure their data is moved securely to the cloud.

Securing the cloud: five questions to access your silver lining

Ian Kayne shines a light on the key questions that will help organisations benefit from migrating to cloud services without increasing risk.

Majority of businesses have not inspected cloud services for malware

According to new research from the Ponemon Institute and Netskope, as cloud services usage - and risk - increases, businesses still lack visibility into data breaches.