Blue Coat is to extend its technology to small and medium-sized organisations with the launch of its Cloud Service to allow businesses to choose the deployment option that works best for them.

Currently in beta and expected to be available by the end of April, the company is aiming to bring Blue Coat enterprise-class technology to a broader group of organisations, with a subscription module to provide real-time web protection that can be managed and deployed from anywhere in the world.

According to the company, the service will include: content defence from the cloud-based WebPulse service; filtered web access; a built-in auto tracking feature that routes web traffic to the closest Blue Coat data centre based on the user's current geographic location; and a desktop agent that ensures that remote and mobile workers are automatically protected regardless of their location.

It said that the Blue Coat Cloud Service can be seamlessly deployed within an existing security infrastructure, allowing companies to protect their investments using on-premise appliances, or as a pure cloud service, without any additional appliances.

Nigel Hawthorn, VP of marketing for EMEA at Blue Coat, told SC Magazine that customers can now choose from a selection of five options, including appliance, hybrid or cloud-based solutions. This was a move to help customers deliver security to all users wherever they may be.

He said: “No one wants to run a network with a chink in the armour, so everyone needs to be kept safe. This can be achieved globally with a cloud service. The service is cost-effective (it can go as low as £1 per user, per month), it can be scaled up and down to suit the customer's needs by just adding new licences for new users and all the hardware costs are our responsibility and shared across multiple customers. As soon as we add new features, all cloud customers have access to them and defences available to one, are available to all.”