Cloud WAN optimisation and secure backup solutions introduced by Riverbed

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Accelerated cloud performance and storage solutions have been introduced into Riverbed's product line.

Accelerated cloud performance and storage solutions have been introduced into Riverbed's product line.

Riverbed said that the Cloud Steelhead further broadens its vision of ‘anywhere acceleration' of enterprise data and applications within not only public, but also private and hybrid cloud environments.

According to the company, Cloud Steelhead accelerates both the process of migrating data and applications to the public cloud and access to that data and those applications from anywhere. It interoperates with Steelhead and virtual appliances and the Steelhead mobile client and is offered with a subscription-based pricing model.

Riverbed has also introduced the Whitewater appliance, a cloud storage accelerator targeting backup and select archive workloads. The company's intention is to provide organisations with a fast, secure and cost-efficient method to integrate cloud storage into their existing backup infrastructure and disaster recovery strategies, without sacrificing security.

Riverbed said that the Whitewater appliance will work without any changes to enterprises' existing backup software to securely accelerate and deduplicate data to the cloud and enable fast restore from off-site facilities at any time.

Apurva Davé, vice president of product marketing at Riverbed, claimed that the company was not looking at five years down the line, but looking at what can happen today.

He said: “So what is so special about the cloud? It is so compelling to the IT manager and to the CFO, as the IT manager has to deliver more efficiency and deliver better resources, but with the cloud and the ability to consume applications and services we are finding that the CFO has a shift from capital expenditure to optimal expenditure.”

Looking at the Cloud Steelhead launch, Davé said that working closely with customers has shown that public clouds share many of the same network limitations of private clouds, namely that distance between a user and data slows down application performance due to latency.

“With the launch of Cloud Steelhead, Riverbed is evolving its solution to address performance issues where enterprises use their data today and where they want to use it in the future,” he said.

Davé said that the Whitewater appliance removes the need to manage a second site, as often that needs to grow at the same rate as the primary site. “Customers want to take their existing software and put it in the cloud then there is no second site to manage any more,” he said.

“What about restoring? When something goes wrong how fast can it come back? This is where Whitewater comes in, as it is designed to accelerate access to cloud storage as it acts as a target for existing backup software. It can restore to and from the cloud and can enforce data protection in the cloud.”


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