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Rémy Cointreau Case Study - connecting a global workforce to the cloud

Rémy Cointreau faced a challenge to create a more agile organisation through its IT infrastructure, providing employees with the ability to securely access applications from any device at any time and from anywhere.

Security implications of moving Disaster Recovery (DR) to Azure

Azure is very easy to deploy but if ISO27001 processes get overlooked because you get the functionality without doing your homework then the business becomes vulnerable to threats warns Ian Daly.

Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets allowing man-in-the-middle attacks

Misconfigured Amazon Web Service (AWS) S3 buckets that allow public writes are enabling man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks on servers containing data from leading news media, retail and well-known cloud services.

With cyber-crime at its peak, is the cloud really secure?

The underlying principles of blockchains are perfect for creating data integrity across an enterprise's value chain, and, says Ian Smith, there are firms developing these 'enterprise blockchains': private, permission-based ledgers.

Cloud providers must protect personally identifiable information

Protecting this data goes beyond your internal data governance processes says Jim Kaskade, it tests how well the business governs customer data beyond the firewall.

Protecting the cloud - a GDPR issue that can't simply be outsourced

With increasing reliance on cloud applications, businesses must start taking the issue of security in the cloud seriously. They must start asking the right questions about the service providers they are looking at says Joe Pindar

Ransomware rumblings in the cloud: stormy weather predicted

A ransomware encrypted desktop computer is enough to make you Wannacry, but the techniques and tools hackers need to make hostages of cloud services and data are already in the wild argues Mimecast CTO Neil Murray.

Protecting your network hive: 4 security trends you need to know about

In our connected society, securing the network "hive" is very much a team effort. Only by assessing and defining the landscape in the first instance can a successful security strategy be put in place says Russell Crampin

Balancing digital good / bad - ensure visibility, take responsibility

Cloud gives certain tools. We need to understand as organisations where our core competence is and for many companies, it's not infrastructure." But he added that you do need visibility about what is going on.

Fuze fixes portal security lapses that could expose sensitive data

Cloud-based unified communications services provider Fuze earlier this year repaired three vulnerabilities in a customer web portal.

Catching the pickpockets in VoIP fraud

Carl Boraman looks at the analytics available from cloud-based services and what customers can do to detect fraud in VoIP services.

As CISOs look for more clarity in the noise, is the cloud the answer?

Despite its security issues, security vendors appear to be migrating security tools to the cloud to provide the answer to CISOs wanting a clearer approach to quicker threat detection and prevention.

Majority of businesses have not inspected cloud services for malware

According to new research from the Ponemon Institute and Netskope, as cloud services usage - and risk - increases, businesses still lack visibility into data breaches.

Security and business continuity are top concerns when moving to cloud

Sixty-two percent of organisations leave data protection and availability of in-cloud data to third-party cloud providers.

62% of global biz say cloud drives deployment of apps using PKI

Nearly two-thirds of businesses (62 percent) regard cloud-based services as the most important trend driving the deployment of applications using PKI (50 percent in 2015) and 28 percent say IoT will drive this deployment.

Contact centre security in the cloud - how can you best protect your customer's data?

Ralph Echemendia discusses the best practices for ensuring security of customer data for a contact centre in the cloud

Enabling security and compliance in a complex multinational framework

Paul Donovan explains the security issues prevalent for today's multinationals, and how to instigate centralised policies to help manage security and compliance.

50% of European SMEs say data security is a major barrier

Security raises concerns with half of SMEs saying data security is the major barrier between their organisation and the digital workplace. Another 30 percent believe cost is the key issue.

OneLogin confirms bug which allows access to Secure Notes

OneLogin has confirmed that a bug has allowed a hacker to view some of its customers' encrypted Secure Notes.

Mike Chadwick appointed as VP of engineering and cloud operations at Acronis

Acronis has appointed Mike Chadwick as VP of engineering and cloud operations.

Dropbox recommending some users update account credentials

Dropbox is recommending to some users update the login credentials for their account because a group of member emails and passwords may have been compromised.

Solving the IT skills crisis: the five skills businesses need IT to master

Nigel Hawthorn discusses the IT skills crisis and the five skills that will become vital to businesses operating in the cloud

Securing tomorrow's clouds

Finding the right partner is the key to making cloud use secure for your organisation says Kevin Patel.

98% of enterprise cloud apps are not GDPR ready

Enterprises are using 20 times more cloud apps than IT estimates, with most using an average of 841 across their extended networks.

The five tips for a safer Cloud

Tony Anscombe discusses the biggest mistakes companies make when moving to the cloud and tips to reap the benefits

Ransomware writers adopt cloud services

Cyber- criminals have noticed the lucrative opportunities for wrong-doing in leveraging cloud services and evolved new techniques to their benefit.

Cloud & DevOps World 2016: Cloud-services cheaper and more reliable than on-prem

Nick Ioannou, head of IT for the Ratcliffe Groves Partnership, draws on his 26 years of experience in IT to claim using a combination of 26 different cloud based services means the company has IT power which could "compete with the big boys" in his industry.

40% of UK workers prefer to keep their data stored in the EU

British workers prefer putting their trust in a European Union (EU) state to store their data (40 percent) rather than their own country (38 percent) or those from outside the EU (22 percent).

ICYMI: TeamViewer control; Intel defence; Card cloner; Skype a vector; Cloud apps not GDPR ready

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at TeamViewer hijack; Intel's processor defence; 15 per sec cards cloned; Malware via Skype; Cloud apps not GDPR ready